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Alpha H hos House of Stars Cult Cosmetics

Alpha-H has spent twenty years researching the essential elements the skin needs for optimal health. They pride themselves on our exhaustive research, in-depth understanding of the science of the skin, and the quality of active ingredients they use in their products.  
Alpha-H is a cosmeceutical brand who defines cosmeceutical products as those that have a predictable and scientifically proven pharmaceutical effect for cosmetic use. They don't believe our customers should have to pay for filler ingredients therefore our products contain more active ingredients than most brands on the market.

The products work to take the skin out of its comfort zone in order to make a difference that is evident and genuine. Their effective delivery systems infuse the skin with active ingredients by adjusting the pH to stimulate action at a deeper layer of the epidermis, where new and vibrant cells are replenished and repaired. 
Alpha-H Vitamin E Serum 25ml

Alpha-H Vitamin E Serum 25ml

325,00 162,50DKK