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Huxley hos House of Stars Cult Cosmetics

Contemporary skin care brand Huxley takes its name and philosophy from the novelist and philosopher Aldous Leonard Huxley and his famous novel, “Brave New World”. Huxley provides solutions for skin suffering from harmful environmental elements and stress in urban areas. The brand uses prickly pear cactus seed oil as its primary ingredient, inspired by the Berber women of the Sahara who use it to keep their skin hydrated in the harsh climate. Hand-selected and cold-pressed to procure the maximum benefits, this precious ingredient is antioxidant-rich, highly nourishing and anti-aging. Entirely manufactured in Korea and proudly cruelty-free, the brand’s skin care range comes in beautiful minimalist bottles.

Huxley stands for true beauty.

Huxley Toner; Extract It 120ml

Huxley Toner; Extract It 120ml

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