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Juvia's Place Wahala 2 Eyeshadow Palette

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På lager og klar til afsendelse - forudbestillinger undtaget. 

The Wahala 2 Eyeshadow Palette lets you unleash your fiercest and most intense eyeshadow looks with its array of 30 new bold and beautiful shades, including different beautiful shimmers, and duo chromes with the finest pearls, finely milled glitters, and matte textures. 

"Wa- ha- la" is a Nigerian pidgin word meaning "drama, trouble, and intensity." This eyeshadow palette was heavily inspired by the craftsmanship of the Festac Mask but with a twist. The Festac mask embodies the first Iyoba, also known as "Queen Mother" of the Benin Empire. A mask must come to life by the wearer to symbolize a mood or feeling.

The Wahala 2 takes a journey through different color families from icy-cold silvers to peri-wrinkle and aquamarine blue-greens. The party begins with our beautiful orange and maroon shades, all of which symbolize the intense feelings and emotions that come with a dramatic event.

Featuring Shades made to play, you’ll find a full spectrum of colors with everyday wearability, making it the best eyeshadow palette to wake those eyes up under your masks!

Row 1 - The Ice Cold Row.

Fame – An Iridescent white shimmer with gold pearls

Greed - A greyish silver shimmer with soft white pearls

Shakara – A white pearl finish

Gobe - A finely milled silver glitter

Row 2 - The Periwinkle Row

Nawa Oh! – A purple shimmer with blue and lavender reflects

Wicked - A Pigmented Matte Cerulean Blue

Amebo - A mix of blue and purple duo chrome shade with purple reflects

Fury - A rich matte blue

Rage – A lavender and purple reflect.

Row 3 - The Cobalt Blue Family

Dream – A Cobalt Matte Blue

Goals - An Aqua Marine Glitter Shade

Dope - A reflective Blue shimmer with light blue Reflects

Bold - A Classic Blue Shimmery Shade

Money - A Blue Duo Chrome with Green Pearls

Row 4 – The Aqua Marine Family

Egba Mi – A Dark Blue Green Matte Shade

Venom - An Aqua Blue Breezy Green Shimmer Shade

Lust - An Aqua Matte Shade

Hater - A Turquoise Blue Shimmer mixed with Light Green Shimmer

Jealous - A Rich Turquoise Matte Blue

Row 5 - The Orange Color Family

Wasted – A Matte Orange Shade

419 - A Finely Milled Red Orange Glitter

Lit - A beautiful Matte burnt coral nude shade

Periodt - A shimmery Orange bronze shade

ASAP - A Rich Wine Matte Shade

Row 6 - The Pink Shimmer and Shine Row

Fake – A Royal Purple and Maroon Duo Chrome

Too Much - A Matte Pink shade

Kolo - A finely milled purple glitter shade

Yab -A nude rosy Pink Matte Shade

Oya - A matte Black with purple pearls

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